DeLoach Architects  
  DeLoach Architects projects include many LEED certifiable high performance features such as:
  • Energy efficient envelope design
  • Energy efficient light fixtures, 1 watt/SF
  • Automated lighting controls
  • DALI dimming for fluorescent fixtures
  • Occupancy sensors for lighting
  • Exterior lighting that produces low levels of light pollution
  • Low VOC sealants and glues
  • Energy efficient controls for HVAC and water heating
  • Enthalpy wheel energy recovery units for recovering energy from the exhaust airstreams
  • Digital control systems to implement time-of-day scheduling
  • High efficient chiller plant
  • VAV air handling systems and airside economizers
  • Demand-based ventilation systems in high density occupancies (such as gyms, cafeterias and auditoriums) to optimize ventilation heating/cooling loads during periods of low occupancy
  • Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems
High Performance building  
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